NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
catium.vimadd an element of nyan cat to vim Ed van Bruggen2017-06-20 05:35
dmeniumsmall collection of dmenu scripts Ed van Bruggen2018-03-13 07:42
dmenu.vimdmenu functions for vim Ed van Bruggen2016-11-05 05:17
dotfilesconfig files for my linux setup Ed van Bruggen2021-01-08 20:58
edryd.orgUnnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Ed van Bruggen2021-02-16 07:31 of my neat stuff Ed van Bruggen2021-02-13 02:25
gstpainless gist creator Ed van Bruggen2021-01-16 07:48
markmanmarkdown man page converter Ed van Bruggen2019-01-11 07:38
ntsimple note taker Ed van Bruggen2017-09-30 06:49
timsmall extendable personal assistant Ed van Bruggen2017-06-02 04:13
tisptiny lisp Ed van Bruggen2021-01-16 08:01
tisp.vimvim configuration for the tisp langauge Ed van Bruggen2021-01-09 08:52