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commit 9b26c270a2dba6bd6342ceab97df57b23e360885
parent 14d2bdf7725cd2d71fc4eaf3c7d64eaa3ea418c0
Author: Ed van Bruggen <>
Date:   Fri,  4 Jul 2014 20:21:47 -0700

Vim: Clean up vimrc file

vimrc | 5-----
1 file changed, 0 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/vimrc b/vimrc @@ -100,7 +100,6 @@ nmap <silent> <F5> :Java<CR> let g:goldenview__enable_default_mapping = 0 nmap <silent> <C-o> <Plug>GoldenViewSplit nmap <silent> <F8> <Plug>GoldenViewSwitchMain -nmap <silent> <S-F8> <Plug>GoldenViewSwitchToggle " Neocomplete tab to select " inoremap <expr><TAB> pumvisible() ? "\<Down>" : "\<C-x>\<C-u>" @@ -145,12 +144,8 @@ au BufRead,BufNewFile *vimrc* nmap gB :w<CR>:source %<CR>:VundleClean<CR> syntax on set autoindent " I hope you know what this does set autowrite " automatically write before running commands that need it to be written -set gdefault " make global the default for the :s command -set hidden " hide buffers when they are abandoned -set hlsearch " highlight previous search pattern set ignorecase " make search non case sensitive set incsearch " show the search result before you finish typing -set nojoinspaces " turn off putting a space after join command set noshowmode " turn off "--INSERT--" at bottom of screen set nowrap " change what happens when you get to edge of screen. set shiftround " make indents always be at a multiple of the tab width