config files for my linux setup
git clone git://
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      1 # dotfiles
      3 This is the place I use to store all my configuration files for programs such
      4 as Vim, Bash, Tmux, etc. These files are only designed to be used on Linux. I
      5 recommend you not to just copy whole files, but instead copy one line at a time
      6 that you understand and slowly build up a huge file. This way you have a setup
      7 that fits you best.
      9 ## installation
     11 Simply run `make install` to create all the appropriate symlinks, or run `make
     12 install-dotfiles` just to install the dotfiles to the home directory, and `make
     13 instal-sl` to install any suckless config header files
     15 Now we need to install the plug-ins which are found in `vimrc.bundles`. To do
     16 this I use Vundle, so enter this into the command line:
     18 	git clone vim/bundle/Vundle.vim
     20 After the repository has been cloned open the `vimrc.bundles` file. When inside
     21 enter this into Vim:
     23 	:VundleInstall
     25 After it has finished installing you can exit the Vundle window and the
     26 plug-ins should be installed.